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Meet Mollie

I discovered yoga in my early 20s after a back injury left me with chronic pain and poor mobility.

My childhood was centred around playing competitive sport. But over the years,  the high impact activity took its toll on my body.  If I wanted to continue to live an active lifestyle, I needed to change my approach to exercise and how I looked after myself. 

I had no choice but to slow down, listen to my body and honour its physical and emotional needs.


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Sport and Exercise Science 

  • Certified Yoga Teacher 

  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

I believe nutrition and yoga are the foundations for creating the best

version of yourself. 

I have always loved learning about how to look after and nourish my body to keep in shape and feel my best. However,  it's only since becoming a mum that I've truly understood that health is multi-dimensional. During my maternity leave, I enrolled in a health and nutrition coaching course and made it my mission to understand how to achieve optimal health and wellness.

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